Want to create a real change in the world? Break barriers for girls in education? Empower females?

    Why Volunteer?

Volunteer Hours
As a volunteer, you may be able to receive hours for club requirements, school, or college applications. This allows you to stand out. Check with region guidelines.

To become a tutor or a mentor, staff must know the topic they teach. Creating or teaching the lesson allows volunteers to brush up on their academic skills.

Our organization has a strong community foundation. We have a Discord server where volunteers can grow their network and explore new ideas.

Whether you want to go into a math, english, or science field, or just want to create an impact, you will be sure to gain experience and learn something new.

Volunteer Opportunities

Take a look at the roles you can apply for and their application process. For more information and to register, click on "Learn more".

To be eligible you must be at least 13 and a high school student of any gender*.

*Though we do not discriminate, for the purpose of our organization, boys may not tutor nor mentor. 

Volunteer Roles

Be matched with a student in academic subjects: mathematics, english, and science. Prepare comprehensive lessons, assign homework, and create evaluations.


Become a role model to a young girl. Create fun-filled, non-repetitive lessons for weekly life lessons, social skills, goal making, etc. Share your knowledge obtained in stages of life!

Content Maker

Knowledge of designing and creating presentations is extremely valuable! Communicate with tutors and mentors to design clear and engaging presentations based on student needs.

Leadership Team

Gain valuable leadership experience in outreach, communications, and logistics. Adhere to weekly tasks assigned and remain collaborative, optimistic, and friendly.


Follow this process to start volunteering.



Ensure to read through the descriptions of the role(s) we offer. Next, fill out the required fields on the form. Please follow the instructions and descriptions.

Attend interview

If you match our criteria, we will send you instructions to a virtual interview to learn more about your personality, dedication, and knowledge on the subject.

Wait for acceptance

All successful candidates will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 weeks containing additional information about tasks and their next steps as a volunteer.

Start volunteering

Congratulations, you are now part of our team driving sustainable impact! Before beginning to do your tasks at your convenience, kindly review Our Rules.

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