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Tutor Responsibilities

Be matched with a student in academic subjects: mathematics, english, and science. 

Tutors will:

> Prepare comprehensive lessons, assign homework, and make tests.

> Evaluate student progress; the findings will be passed on to parents.

> Observe the student to design a custom plan for their learning style.

> Communicate with content makers to create the tutoring lesson plan.

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Mentor Responsibilities

Be matched with a mentee in an engaging, empowering, and educational service.

Mentors will:

> Create fun-filled, non-repetitive lessons for topics such as:
   - weekly life lessons
   - important social leadership skills
   - how to set goals (and keep them!)
   - what it means to be a member of a community
and many more!

> Share appropriate knowledge obtained in stages of life.

> Behave confidently professionally or personally when applicable.

> Recognize student needs and create lessons with content makers.

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Content Maker Responsibilities 

Communicate with tutors and mentors to create a comprehensive and appealing lesson. 

Content Makers will:

> Design colourful, clear, and engaging presentations in math, english, and science.

> Thoroughly communicate with tutors and mentors to understand the students needs.

> Remain easy-to-reach and committed for success.

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Leadership Team Responsibilites

Gain valuable leadership experience in outreach, communications, and logistics. 

Members will:

> Adhere to weekly tasks assigned and complete them in a timely manner.

> Remain collaborative, optimistic, and friendly with other team members.

> Aid in ensuring the organization runs smoothly and efficiently.

> Communicate with students, parents, and staff to collect feedback and brainstorm solutions.

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